User Interface and User Experience Design (UI and UX)

New Clients and Log in Overlays

New Clients and Log in Overlays. We also had a sign as a guest option if the client did not want to sign in.


E-COMMERCE FUNNEL- 01 INDEX PAGE/landing page: We displayed all the new product we had. The site changed twice a day and best sellers or new deals were located at the top. We had a lazy load that sometimes went to 250 products on one page.
E-COMMERCE FUNNEL- 02 Search: We had different filters per type, category, style, brands, and pricing.


E-COMMERCE FUNNEL- 02 INDEX PAGE/Quick view: We expand the view so the user still has visual access to the rest of the products.

E-COMMERCE FUNNEL- 02 Search Page: We had different filters per type, category, style, brands, new and pricing.


E-COMMERCE FUNNEL- 03 Product PAGE: We highlighted savings and one CTA (call to action) Add to Cart. Below the CTA we quickly described the product and for easy reading, we add fact in bullets. All fit above the fold.

Review Page

Reviews: We sent an email to the client after the purchase/delivery and asked for the purchase. This email often had a coupon for a limited time only.

E-COMMERCE FUNNEL- 04 Shopping Cart

E-COMMERCE FUNNEL- 04 Check out/ Shopping Cart: We highlighted the urgency, security, and savings. We had 2 CTAs one to continue shopping and the second one more prominent about Checkout Now.


E-COMMERCE FUNNEL- 04 Check out INVOICE PAGE: We highlighted savings and shipping times. If the client had something in the cart that removed (did not take in the final bill) we implemented cross-selling promotions after he/she had paid.

Social Proof

Social Proof from the clients. We had a trending now a page where the clients can share their recent buys and reviews.

About the company: FAQs we gathered answers from marketing research, and customer service insights (user questions, complaints, and comments) and added the answers to this section.
Q&A: User direct input. In this section, the client uploaded their images or video using the product and specific questions, suggestions, feedback about the specific product.

Clean and simple User Interface (UI) and user-centered User Experience (UX)

{ Consistent use of common UI elements, strategically use color, texture & typography to create hierarchy and clarity while each page has a purpose. UX design focused on clients needs and with content to empower them to easily accomplish their goals generating an increase in conversion and brand advocacy.}

Choxi was an online shopping destination for those who wanted quality, brand-name apparel, and accessories at prices up to 80% off retail. We offered authentic designer merchandise as well as non-branded, trendy items and fabulous fashions and unbelievable prices. We were ranked number 202 of the Top 500 internet retailers; the second fastest-growing web-only retailer in 2013 and 2014. In 2013, we experienced a 600 percent increase in revenue on Cyber Monday compared to a typical day.

With a super user-friendly website, incredible products, super low prices, and effective customer service, we were the top choice in the online shopping scene from 2010-2016.