Matcha Tea Packaging


Matcha Collection Packaging | Escents

{ 800 years of tradition in a bottle }

Escents needed a packaging design for its new Matcha Organic collection that consists of eight products. Lotion, Handcream, Natural Oils, Foot Scrub, Soap, Shea Butter, Diffuser, and Candle. The challenge was to have a design that jumped out of the shelf, but we were restricted in regards to the label sizes, as these were based on Escents’ production line.

One of the ingredients in this collection is Matcha tea from Japan and we wanted to visually showcase this. We incorporated some Japanese motifs and a butterfly to symbolize Japan. The color green was added to reflect the purity of the Matcha tea-natural and organic. Lastly, we added white to provoke a sense of movement and freedom–like that smells nature.