Helping you engage your audience is what we do best.

At visual-input, we design brands that are user-centered and trigger the right emotional connection so consumers like, recognize and recall.

Brands are amongst the most important assets a business can own.

It is essential in this digital era to build strong brands users can connect and engage and then become loyal and brand advocates. So your brand won’t get lost in all the advertising noise and will ensure business continuity in times of strong presence of a competitive market.

We get to know our audience and understand their decision journey to buy products. We help you address their needs, motivations, feelings, and concerns on each touchpoint (funnel phase).

The goal is to identify them in the right moment to influence their purchasing decision. The result is a functional and cohesive solution that aligns with the brand identity, responds to the business objectives and engage its target market. It is the era of niche solutions and 2-way communication.

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Our Solutions

A logo is not a brand; a brand is the consistent and
effective execution of a strategy – A constant attitude.

Brand Strategy
& Identity

  • Brand Identity
  • Logotype
  • Packaging Design
  • Identity Systems
  • Graphic Standards Manuals
  • Collateral Material
  • Visual Merchandising (POP)
  • Promotional Material
  • Book Design & Editorial

Website Strategy
& Digital Marketing

  • Website Design & Development
  • Digital & Traditional Marketing Strategy
  • Email Campaign & Performance Analysis
  • Digital Promotional Ads
  • Editorial/ Copywriting
  • Social Media
  • Blog writing, content

& Illustration

  • Illustration
  • Product Photography
  • Photography Retouching

How we do it – Our Design Process

Our design process goes through a series of phases (the Critical Path) that we follow to transform an unformed idea into something tangible and cohesive with the brand and business goals. Each strategy takes into consideration price, product, promotion, and place, and will be customized to the brand’s audience.

Analysis & Research

Through intensive research and solid involvement with your brand, we are able to gain valuable insight into your brand’s strengths and potentials for new directions as we outline the needs and desires of your target market. This insight gives us the confidence to identify key market opportunities and recommend strategies that will fulfill your objectives and respond to your consumer’s needs.

Strategy & Design

Brainstorming, sketching ideas, problem-solving, and conceptualizing is the beginning of our graphic design process. Once we identify unique and innovative design strategies, we document the solutions and present them to you and to the final user. All feedback is welcome, as we believe that an interactive process ensures full consideration of the technological, cultural, and business impact of design.

Implementation & Delivery

Once the design is approved, the next phase is to translate it to reality, either on paper or on the Internet. In order to guarantee the accurate transformation to reality, all project details are carefully specified and well documented for implementation. This ensures that the production process runs smoothly and that your project arrives on time and and within budget.


Who we’ve worked with

we enjoy developing and fostering authentic connections
that go beyond the traditional business relationships.

We give our utmost to each project, take accountability and have a penchant for contribution and teamwork. We work closely with you to understand your vision, business objectives, values, mission statement & philosophy. We simply become an extension of your team.

  • Choxi Ecommerce
    Branding, Web Strategy, Digital MKT
  • Vandusen
    Collateral, Digital Ads, Editorial
  • Sparc BC
    Branding, Web Strategy & Collateral
  • Zebatta
    Branding, Web Strategy & Collateral
  • City of Vancouver
    Media Ads & Gardening Guide
  • Yogood
    Branding, Web Strategy & Collateral
  • Fresh & Healthy Brands
    Branding, Web Strategy & Collateral
  • Escents
    Branding, Web Strategy & Collateral
  • Dinosaurs Unerthed
    Collateral Material
  • Ciao
    Branding, Web Strategy & Collateral
  • Mira Floors
    Collateral Material
  • IFD
    Collateral Material

Our Team

Monica Vallejo
Creative Director

Monica is a visual and strategic thinker with a creative mind geared towards analytical problem-solving. With a strong focus on ROI, Monica has extensive experience in brand strategy, functional and modern design, and project management. Her time spent working in New York City, Vancouver, and Mexico City has further developed her aptitude for conceptual design and implementing successful marketing and design strategies that encourage company growth. Her passion for getting a job done well and on-task is second to none, and her motivation to exceed expectations through hard work and commitment makes Monica stand-out in a crowd.

Monica has a BA in marketing, diploma in brand strategy, two certifications; one in electronic media design, and another in advertising and graphic design.

Marcela Noriega
Brand Design Consultant

Marcela Noriega holds a Graphic Communications Design BA and MA in Education (Honours), and has focused her research in visual perception, cognition and design. She has extensive experience teaching in undergraduate and graduate graphic design programs in Mexico City and Vancouver.

She has also worked as a freelance consultant in different kinds of projects, including editorial design, branding, and print media.

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A successful brand strategy is one that answers to your business objectives (increases your ROI);
inspires and motivates your employees; and triggers the right emotional connection and recognition from your audience.